[amsat-bb] AO-92 L Band

Mike Seguin n1jez at burlingtontelecom.net
Sun Feb 4 16:58:49 UTC 2018

I'm wondering what other ops are seeing for Doppler settings on their 
L-Band uplink. Here in VT - last pass - It was pretty consistently +10 
kHz on my FT-736R.

I plan to change SATPC32 to use 1267.360 and give that a try. I was 
using manual VFO mode on the rig, so I had full range tuning - not steps 
- and could adjust for best quieting.

L band system here:
FT-736R - 1.2 GHz module
DL2AM 60 watt amp (power is fully adjustable)
D/S 55 el 1269 loop yagi
G5400 rotors


Mike, N1JEZ
"A closed mouth gathers no feet"

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