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Adrian Engele aa5uk at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 4 14:19:06 UTC 2018

SatPC32 is an excellent piece of software and well supported by DK1TB. I have used it often and it works well. Many of us have had great, almost real-time support from the author. My hats off to Eric for helping many operators get on the satellites. Many users use it and it supports AMSAT. Thank you Eric!  
Working in the software industry, I too feel it is time to create the next generation of software that takes the excellent technology of SatPC, adds the beautiful display of Nova, creates easy updating of satellite profiles and keps, all on multiple platforms for Windows, Linux and Mac.  This is being done today for FLDIGI and WSJT for example.  There is no reason the software can't be brought to the next level.
We already have many new satellites to work  FM and linear SSB/CW. If we are to encourage new users to get on the linear satellites, we will need software that encourages exploration in this area. With cheap SDR receivers, it is possible the reduce the cost of a linear setup. We are even starting to see small SDR transceivers hit the market that would would easily fit the bill for small stations that would make great starter stations and great stations for rovers. There are so many possibilities!
There are many great programs that are available for satellite operators today. Each program has something that we would use in our daily oprations.  I think we have an opportunity to come up with a list of "must have" features from all these programs and bring them into one well thought out piece of software that meets today's state of the art for satellite tracking and operations.
I would like AMSAT and its membership give some serious thought about such a project. We have plenty of satellites at the moment and other organizations are sending up more. Now is a good time to consider putting an open source software program together to create the next generation software to help new users embrace all the new satellites, help increase enjoyment for current users and expand opportunities for the super users to try even more.  See what FLDIGI did for digital and see what WSJT-X has done for waking up dead bands with FT8. We should be able to do the same based on past work and create a new satellite tracking program for the next generation of operators.  I am sure we have some excellent coders in our community and new operators with coding skills that could add to the project. 
Operating on satellites is fun but not easy, as the cliche goes: if it was easy everybody would do it. Full disclosure, I was a long time AMSAT member but let my membership drop due to a job loss a few years ago.I am seriously considering joining AMSAT again and such a project would get me to sign up in an instance. My checkbook is ready. 
73, Adrian AA5UK

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  On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 12:53 AM, Les Rayburn<les at highnoonfilm.com> wrote:   Actually Paul, I have to disagree with your comments. 

It would be best if either SatPC32 was reprogrammed to allow for seamless and automatic updates when new satellites are launch, or if someone would write a completely new piece of software with this capability. 

SatPC32 may be the best available (I think it is after trying them all) but it’s hardly a user-friendly piece of software. Amateur satellite communications offers one of the most cutting edge areas of our hobby, but the premiere software package available doesn’t begin to compare to things like WSJT, CWSkimmer, or other software tools that we have available. 

I’d rather have AMSAT fund one less satellite and instead funnel those resources towards the development of a satellite tracking and rig control software that performs better. 

Maybe we should start a crowd-sourcing project. 


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