[amsat-bb] Atomic AMSAT Roving

Gabriel Zeifman gabrielzeifman at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 00:50:51 UTC 2017

Good evening fellow sky talkers and bird trackers,

An exciting trip will occur this weekend with Dave KG5CCI and myself
venturing to the wastelands of the Chihuahuan Desert in New Mexico. We will
be visiting the Trinity Site on Saturday morning (sadly the U.S. Army is
not friendly to operating on the missile range from the actual site).
However, we may still have an opportunity to activate a nuclear test site,
the site of Project Gnome, a 3.1kt underground bomb test.

We will be leaving early morning on Friday 3/31 and will return Sunday.
Grids that can be expected are EM02/03/04/05
DM61/62/63/71/72/73/82/83/84/92/94/95. Watch our Twitter accounts @KG5CCI
and @NJ7H_Radio for updates, one of us will usually be on APRS (I use
NJ7H-9), and iridium at share.garmin.com/gz. QSL via LoTW or direct with
homing pigeon.

Have fun and keep the power down.


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