[amsat-bb] Best HT for satellite operation?

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Fri Mar 10 22:39:18 UTC 2017


An ICOM-910H is a HT .... Really (ha ha)?  I suppose a few of you 
know that is a 100w desktop/mobile radio and hardly "portable".  But 
it is a pretty good satellite radio for multi-mode use.  A nearby 
friend uses one (actually has two) with az-el mounted yagis and full 

A few months ago I was looking at adding a dual-band FM mobile to my 
hamshack and kinda groaning at the the $350+ cost for a new mobile, I 
decided spending just a little more would get me a nice used 
multi-mode VHF/UHF satellite desktop/mobile radio.  Used prices on 
the Icom-910H and the FT-847 both ran $900-1200 which I could not 
justify.  Then Looked for used FT-736R and bought one for $550 
(including ctcss encoder board option) with basic 2m/70cm (no 220 or 
1.2G options).

I'm quite pleased with the "old" radio and a bit surprised in its Rx 
sensitivity without preamps, running 144 and 432 SSB with a vertical 
for contacts out to 70-miles.  I have not yet restored use of my 
satellite antennas as yet (probably be next summer as I want to move 
the short sat tower which requires new concrete base).  You can look 
on my website for some info: http://www.kl7uw.com/sat.htm

Two Baefong with appropriate filters should make an inexpensive 
portable sat setup with full duplex (not computer controlled).  A 
single Baefong plus a Funcube Rx would also work pretty good though 
you would need a notepad or equivalent.  I did some simplex FM-sat 
ops with a FT-817 in early 2000's with an Arrow but missed having 
duplex.  I also had a 1998 FT-847 but sold both in 2012.  Now have K3 
and KX3, a Baefong UV5-RA, plus the venerable FT-736R.

73, Ed - KL7UW

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I've seen a lot of great recommendations for satellite HT's.  I really
prefer the Icom IC-910h. Since it is a little heavy for neck straps,
and the belt clip is made of 3/8" steel plate, I'd probably recommend
the BABYBJ?RN carrier approach. You can buy a 15 year old one at a
bargain price of $1000-1500 at most hamfests.



73, Ed - KL7UW
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