[amsat-bb] Best HT for satellite operation?

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Fri Mar 10 17:36:22 UTC 2017


As has been pointed out, there have been many HTs over the years
that allow for cross-band full-duplex operation. This was actually
a more common feature in the 1990s, and has gradually disappeared
from HTs since then. A few years ago, Andrew KE5GDB had a list of
HTs and other radios that supported cross-band full-duplex
operation on his web site. That web page is gone, but lives on
in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine at:


For HTs, you could add the TH-D72 to this list, which came out at
the end of 2010.

In addition to those HTs, there are a few others that allow for
cross-band full-duplex operation in one direction, where you are
transmitting on 70cm and listening on 2m. I wrote a bit about
a few of the Chinese-made HTs that are able to work AO-85 full-
duplex in a series of posts here on the -BB in late 2015. One
message I posted in December 2015 that had links to the other
posts I made about those radios is available at:


The 70cm receivers in these Chinese-made HTs suffer from desense
whenever you transmit on 2m. These radios can be programmed with
groups of memory channels to work V/U FM satellites like SO-50
half-duplex, or you could use the two VFOs to do that without the
need to program memory channels.

Using separate radios for uplink and downlink is also a good way
to have a full-duplex setup. Many have even used a pair of the
inexpensive Baofeng-type HTs to have a station capable of full-
duplex operation, or one Baofeng-type radio paired with an HT from
one of the traditional ham manufacturers.


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On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:25 PM, Dale Kubichek via AMSAT-BB <
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> Everyone wants 'full duplex', I've not seen a dual-band HT that can do
> 'real' RX while the PTT is pushed, period!

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