[amsat-bb] NO-84 - more progress

Brad Schumacher w5sat.brad at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 04:45:55 UTC 2017

I was on the 0410 UTC NO-84 pass tonight and saw nobody else.


I was running 5 watts uplink for most of the pass and was able to decode cleanly except at the sub 20 deg elevations.


I tried both the 27’ vertical and G5RV Jr. and they both seemed to do just fine even at my lowest power levels.


I lowered my uplink frequency to 28.119 Mhz and saw myself at 1250 Hz on the audio spectrum.


One change I made was to control my rotor and receive via SatPC32.  My Doppler.sqf looks like this:


NO-84,435350,28120,FM,USB,NOR,0,0,Wide FM

NO-84,435350,0,FMN,,,,Narrow FM


I use the first set to get the 28.120 close and manually tune to where I want it then switch to the second one which does not change the uplink Doppler – just the downlink doppler. 


Ok, not sure if this helps but I am finding this setup to be very reliable and the satellite seems to have a great RX and very strong downlink.  An absolute pleasure to work with.




Brad Schumacher


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