[amsat-bb] Finding my uplink on SSB birds

B J va6bmj at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 15:00:43 UTC 2017

On 2/26/17, Mike Thompson <zryder94 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Good morning all.
> as some of you may remember, I am recently returning to satellites, and I
> want to make sure I am doing this properly.
> I will eventually have a pair of eggbeater antennas on the roof, (no room
> for yagi's on this rental property) but for now, I am operating only with a
> collinear vertical.
> I have a TS-2000, and SatPC32.
> Thanks to other ham's, I have the satellite's "nominal" transponder
> frequencies in my doppler.sqf file, but I have found that I have a hard
> time hearing myself on the downlink.
> SatPC32 control's both the uplink and downlink frequencies, and it seems to
> track perfectly fine with VFO changes on the downlink, and set's the uplink
> to the appropriate match, but when I use my RIT knob on the TS-2000 to
> change the uplink frequency offset, SatPC32 overwrites it.
> What do you guys find is the quickest and easiest method for finding your
> uplink?

I start by first setting my radio to the nominal frequency and then
adding whatever offset to the downlink may exist.  If there's already
traffic there, I go elsewhere in the band so that I don't interfere
with the QSO.

I then make a test transmission to fine-tune the downlink with my
software.  I identify myself and why I'm on the air so that anyone
listening will know that I'm not ready for a contact.  Since I have to
set up my station outside and I'm holding my Arrow yagi, it's easier
for me to do that by voice rather than transmitting CW.

I adjust the downlink because I figure it's more important that other
stations hear my signal and avoid it while I'm tuning.  Usually,
though, it takes me about a minute to find my signal.  After it's all
set up, I can start calling CQ.

I use Gpredict for controlling my radio.  It allows me to adjust both
the uplink and downlink, making it easy to fine-tune my signal or QSY
to a different frequency.


Bernhard VA6BMJ @ DO33FL

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