[amsat-bb] Automated reception of AO-73, UKUBE-1 & Nayif-1?

Dave Remnant dave.remnant at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 21 10:57:57 UTC 2017

Did I read somewhere that all 3 birds, AO-73, UKUBE-1 & Nayif-1 can be
decoded on the same dashboard software and the uploads will route themselves


I have to leave my station automated & at present it's either AO-73 &
UKUBE-1 (using the same dashboard) or Nayif-1 on its own dashboard.


I want to support all 3 birds with telemetry reception & upload but don't
want to "dump" incorrect data on the wrong server.


Can anyone please clarify the situation & if there is any workaround if a
common dashboard can't be used.


I use a FCD & SatPC32.




Dave (M0SAT)

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