[amsat-bb] NAYIF-1 TLEs

Wouter Weggelaar wouterweg at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 16:00:55 UTC 2017

Hi All,

The post-launch TLEs for NAYIF-1 are starting to become out-of date.
We have produced a new set of unofficial TLEs that take into account
the new AOS / TCA / LOS timings.

Please however note that the post-launch TLEs do not contain the
correct constants to make this TLE reliable in the long run.

The only object that comes close in the recent TLEs from JSpOC is the
2017-008F object, but note that we are still missing a lot of objects.
They are working round the clock to map and catalog all remaining
objects, but 104 satellites presents a challenge.

We are in contact with JSpOC about this and are doing our best to help
them match up objects.

For now, the unofficial ones are:
1 17003U 17002A   17046.17714120 0.00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  9994
2 17003  97.5521 107.5843 0004848 278.6481 296.8511 15.21991390    02


1 17004U 17008F   17050.08273148  .00155491  00000-0  65272-2 0  9998
2 17004  97.5078 111.7095 0000538  25.3680 334.7132 15.22769132   566

And we welcome any observations with regard to which one you used and
how much it was off.

I would think the 2017-008F variant will work better in the long run,
but we will have to see.


Wouter PA3WEG

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