[amsat-bb] BY70-1 re-entry

Scott scott23192 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 18:28:38 UTC 2017

Sorry Greg & everyone; I was not knowledgeable enough to put a number on it – after the last pass I trust that everyone has been able to make their own adjustments.

For me it was in the area of a few minutes, but it was moving so fast compared to other sats that I couldn’t get much of a feel for how far off from the track I was expecting.  Just not enough experience on this end.


From: Greg D 
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Also, the predicted AOS from the latest Celestrak keps agrees within 6 seconds to using Nico's 19:00z set.  I'm thinking it's going to be about on time, no?

Greg  KO6TH

Greg D wrote:

  How "way" ahead?  Minutes?  Tens?  My next pass is reported to be at 19:36z (11:36am local PST).  (It's the only pass gPredict reports for the future.)

  Greg  KO6TH

  Scott wrote:

    For anyone planning to try the next two USA passes, please note that it was WAY ahead of the current TLE's. 

    I had to go to manual rotor control; fortunately on the SDR display I could just slide the RX frequency over and the tracking was in the ballpark from there. 

    -Scott,  K4KDR 


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    But that image that was posted recently looked like the perigee really 
    hasn't changed a LOT the orbit has become much more circular. 

    Joe WB9SBD 
    The Original Rolling Ball Clock 
    Idle Tyme 
    On 2/17/2017 10:55 AM, Tom Schuessler wrote: 

      I would have to think that when the satellite does re-enter the atmosphere it will be in the southern hemisphere because it's Parigi is down there. 

      Tom Schuessler. N5HYP 

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