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David G0MRF g0mrf at aol.com
Wed Feb 15 23:59:23 UTC 2017

Hello David.

Firstly, thank you for all the data, I have seen your call on the warehouse earlier. -298 frames and counting.

This is my limited understanding......

The warehouse is totally happy with the data arriving from any souce i.e. different dashboards.

Each frame transmitted from a funcube satellite or payload, includes a satellite identifier.
This tells the warehouse the source of the data so it can store it appropriately. It also applies the correct decoding equations for the raw data transmitted

The sequence and frame numbers are used to sort frames into correct order (some may be played back after a pass) they also prevents duplicates and set a time limit on when a particular frame will be accepted.

If a dashboard for AO-73 receives data from Nayif-1 or UKube (or FUNcube-X) it will send it to the warehouse where the sat identifier is used to store it correctly.
The issue is that the dashboard used at your QTH will only display the data correctly for the spacecraft it was intended for.  

Our hard pressed software team is working on a single dashboard for all the FUNcube satellites / payloads. It is a work in progress.
This will be particularly useful when ESEO is launched as this satellite will have 1k2 and 4k8 bit rates and for another project which will transmit images.

Please bear with us.  So many things to do and so little time...........



Can I run both the Funcube AND the Nayif dashboard at the same time.
It appears they both decode the data when connected to the receiver output.

Will this confuse sending the correct data to their respective warehouses?

Trying to reduce the amount of switching between Funcube,Ukcube and Nayif.
With Nayif arriving in between Funcube passes the automation has 
taken a backwood step.



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