[amsat-bb] UT1FG/MM QSL Procedure for this season

John Papay john at papays.com
Thu Feb 9 17:15:35 UTC 2017

As you may know Yuri, UT1FG, prefers to do
his own QSLs to the extent possible.  He has
asked me to help funnel QSL requests to him
while he is at sea so that he can process
them and mail them from ports as he travels.
Yuri does not process qsl requests when he is
not on a ship.

The following procedure only applies to contacts
made during this season from the M/V Chestnut.
Previous seasons will be handled by his manager
Eugene, UX0FY.  Eugene has all the logs for
previous seasons and can be contacted through his
qrz.com email address.  Please contact Eugene
before sending anything in the mail to him and
ask for instructions on how to proceed.

You may prepare a logsheet of QSO's that Yuri
can print, verify, sign and mail from one of
his destination ports.  An example of a suitable
logsheet can be found at papays.com/sat under the
UT1FG/MM QSL Instructions link at the top of
the page.

Please use the following conventions when preparing
the logsheet:

1.  List only one contact per grid.
2.  Only request confirmations of NEW Grids.
3.  Use Excel or a similar program to create the logsheet.
4.  Save the Logsheet to a .pdf  If your program cannot
     save to a .pdf, download a free program like Bullzip
     that will install a .pdf printer that you can print to
     and create a .pdf file.
5.  Each page should stand alone; there should be a
     place for Yuri's signature on each page.
6.  Incude your COMPLETE Mailing Address on each page.
7.  Name the logsheet file with this format:
     for example:  DJ8MS_UT1FG_10Feb2017.pdf
8.  Email your file as an attachment to:
     k8yse at papays.com with the subject line the same
     as the .pdf file name:  DJ8MS_UT1FG_10Feb2017
10. Please be sure to follow the example on the
     website papays.com/sat/ut1fgqsl.html  Consistency
     will help Yuri process requests more efficiently.
11. If there are qso's on your list that are not in the
     log, Yuri will draw a line through them and initial.

I will send an acknowledgement email when I receive a
request.  This way you will know that Yuri will have
your logsheet.

If Yuri tells me that he has mailed your logsheet,
I will post that information on the bulletin boards.

Yuri's time when nearing or in port is very limited.
He has a lot of responsibilities to carry out and
large amounts of paper to process along with requests
from his Company.  He has more time when he is sailing.
Let that guide you when deciding when you email
your requests.  A good time to mail  your request is when
Yuri is about 5 days from making port.  Follow him
at marinetraffic.com (M/V Chestnut - bulk Cargo).

This new procedure may be changed or stopped depending
on how it goes.  Hopefully this will work well and
Yuri will find it acceptable.

We are very fortunate that Yuri operates from so
many water grids that otherwise would never be on
the satellites.  His passion for satellites is
amazing. Have fun working him.

John K8YSE

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