[amsat-bb] Satellite tracking

Francis Geraci fgeraci14 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 21:12:26 UTC 2017

Gentlemen, Scholars and Sky Commanders,

I have a rather perplexing issue with tracking AO-91.

I have been enjoying Satellites since the RS series, and I earned the Amsat
Achievement Award.  So, I'm not a "noobee"

I have been trying to copy AO-91 since she was launched using HRD sat
tracker, with no success. It passes overhead, EL94MS, roughly the same time
everyday, and have never heard it. Today, doubting HRD, I ran Amsat
satellite tracking Web based tracker alongside HRD and AmsatDroid on my
phone. I showed me HRD was "lagging" behind Amsat tracking by a full 3
minutes !!  My "keps" are current, clock is "synched". As you all know, 3
minutes is a "lifetime" in satellite tracking. Amsat Web and Amsat Droid
were "synched", probably using the same data set. WHO IS RIGHT ?

I guess I'll set up another laptop and run SatPC32 and "pull" from some
other Web trackers. I'm confined to trying to Listen for now. As You all
know "If Ya can't hear Em, Ya can't work Em". Geezee, Am I showing My age.

Best to You all "functioning Brains" out there. ESPECIALLY, the "Fox" Team.
Thanks for a great Bird.

Francis - De.. WB1FXX

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