[amsat-bb] FM Satellites: Good Operating Practices for Beginning and Experienced Operators

Wed Dec 13 22:31:23 UTC 2017

Been a Ham over 40 yrs have not actually worked the sats much other than
listen,  I do have  friends who have   Here is a Question  I would like a
real answer on .. I have been told other than the expense the reason We do
not have a geostationary fixed Sat . Is that We would unfortunately have
Hams that would just set on their and rag chew all the time and tie it up we
all know they type .. Is there any actual truth to this theory  I have herd
of some now that get bigger antennas  and Amps to stay in longer in the pass
, I would think that would knock out the little Guys trying to enjoy  it

73 and Happy Holidays 


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