[amsat-bb] Seriously - can this be updated?

Jerry Buxton n0jy at amsat.org
Sat Sep 24 19:18:59 UTC 2016

On 9/24/2016 13:12, Peter Laws wrote:
> But for goodness' sake, can we take the date, now >1 week in the past,
> off the placeholder page?  Just put "closed for remodeling" or
> something.

I know it's been said many times before - we are all volunteers.  Joe
does IT.  Since Joe is the only one who has volunteered to do that, it's
up to when he can get it done. 
(Insert many times before mentioned plug for volunteer help here.)
Normally things go pretty well but life takes precedence over hobby as
I'm sure you all know.  Joe is buried and will fix the store ASAP. 

I am a stickler for detail and so I don't like to see things that aren't
"right" when they could be, on the other hand it can't be because Joe is
busy existing so we understand.  On behalf of AMSAT I apologize for any
grief but I ask you all to understand as well.

In the meantime the date really is kind of irrelevant, while I agree it
would be nice for it to say something meaningful the fact that the store
is closed remains the same.  Kinda like going to a shop where the sign
says "Will Return at 1PM" and it's 1:30 PM so what do you do?  Wait, or
come back later... cursing the sign won't get you inside.
But wait!  In this case you have an alternative, please just call
Martha.  Unless you were just planning on browsing, she can get you
whatever you wanted from the store.  She does it anyway, when you order


Jerry Buxton, NØJY

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