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I did break with the long ham tradition of not reading manuals or help
files and tried adding the file Joe mentioned using the procedure outlined
in my help file. And it worked perfectly.

Here is the resultant "WebDataSources.txt" file

http://www.celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/amateur.txt, Celestrak-Amateur.txt
http://www.celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/weather.txt, Celestrak-Weather.txt
http://www.celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/stations.txt, Celestrak-Stations.txt
http://celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/tle-new.txt, Celestrak-New.txt
http://www.amsat.org/amsat/ftp/keps/current/nasabare.txt, Amsat-nasabare.txt

Here is the information you will see if you click on the rarely used
 "Help" button in my program :-)

=====  *Optional Really Advanced Feature*  ======

*--- Manage TLE Data ---*
The program distribution comes set up in a way that should handle the needs
of most users. If you are a very advanced computer user and have a very
good understanding of satellite tracking and need more continue reading.
The program obtains TLE data two ways. Direct download from the internet is
the easiest. Manual entry of TLE data can also be used. The program
distribution is set up to download TLE data from the following sites.


The program also allows manual entry of TLE data. The TLE data format is
the traditional three line format as shown in the sample for AO-10 shown
below. The first line contains the satellite name followed by the two lines
of TLE data. If the format is not correct - it will not work. To add TLE
data first create a text file. Cut and paste the TLE data into the file.
Remember the first line is the satellite name followed by the two lines of
TLE data. When the file is ready, change the file extension of the file to
.tle and put it into the 'SimpleSatData/SatData/ManualSatData' folder. You
may put as many satellites in a file as you wish and you may have as many
files as needed.

As expected the TLE data you enter this way is not deleted when a web
update is done. This TLE data is also not updated when you do an web
update. As a reminder to myself that this is manual data I put ( ) around
the satellite name. This may not seem important to you now but it is very

In the 'SimpleSatData/SatData' folder you will find a file
'WebDataSources.txt'. This file controls which web data sources are used by
the program. If you are a very advanced computer user and have a very good
understanding of satellite tracking you can modify this file to add
additional web data sources. Note that a ' - ' at the start of a line tells
the program not use this source. The file name after the comma is the file
name that will be used to store the TLE data downloaded from the site
specified in the URL before the comma. The file name after the comma less
the file extension is what is used to identify the 'Web Data Source' in the
setup function. It is possible to really screw things up if this is not
done correctly so if you are not a very advanced computer user or do not
thoroughly understand satellite tracking I recommend staying away from this

Be sure to click on the "Web Update" button after updating your
WebDataSources.txt file.

If you follow the directions and it does not work the problem lies
somewhere in your computer not the program.

Hope it works out ok for you.

73 W9KE Tom Doyle

On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 4:51 PM, Joe <nss at mwt.net> wrote:

> Anyone else here using this program?
> I'm having a problem adding in the nasabare
> http://www.amsat.org/amsat/ftp/keps/current/nasabare.txt
> source.
> When I do the program crashes.
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