[amsat-bb] Satellite tracking in MAC OS X

dtabor at estesvalley.net dtabor at estesvalley.net
Fri Sep 23 17:17:56 UTC 2016

If you have to Windows on a Mac, there are 2 ways I like to go. If it's
just for running apps, I use VirtualBox which is free and gets regular
communal updates. Haven't had any application not run on VB (yet).

If I need heavy duty I/O (as for PowerSDR and the Flex-5000 line), I'll
use Bootcamp from Apple - allows for partitioning of disk for a Windows
install, Windows drivers customized for Mac hardware and then boot into
Windows. That way I get close to full bandwidth Firewire access when

Was very impressed with MacDoppler, but using a Flex, I run Bootcamp.

Doug, N6UA

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