[amsat-bb] K6R Logs and Thanks

David Swanson dave at druidnetworks.com
Mon Sep 19 16:06:51 UTC 2016

Hey everyone,

Wyatt and I are traveling today back to our respective QTHs, and im typing
on my phone, so I'll keep it brief. We just want to thank everyone that
worked us on the island. We have tons of video and a bunch of great
pictures that we'll share over the next few weeks, but it's going to take
some time to sift thru it all.

I've also gotten several 'am I in the log' emails already.. rest assured
I'll work on the logs before anything else and probably do a full list post
before uploads. I was really hoping to do nightly updates with a full
readout of the logs, but we worked so many stations it would have taken 30
minutes of transmit time to read them all, which would have eaten precious
amp hours... Chances are if you called us, we heard you. Never fear :-)

Finally I want to send a massive thanks to Jimmy KK6FAH/VE2BMC for his
local support and being on the repeater promptly each night even though we
weren't always on time. He was absolutely outstanding and a true testament
to the ham spirit. Also a huge thanks to W5PFG for the tremendous
logistical support both before the trip with lodging arrangements, and
airwave support during the trip...

Until the next epic adventure on the birds, 73 all.

-Dave, KG5CCI

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