[amsat-bb] AMSAT Broadband Preamp

Graham planophore at aei.ca
Wed Sep 14 20:55:56 UTC 2016

Mini Kits Australia make a very nice 2m switched preamp, 100W CW 
non-sequenced, 500W when used sequenced.

Mark has a new version which uses the PGA103 mimic. I have two of the 
previous version and they work very well. One I use for VHF 
roving/portable use and the other is mast mounted. They do need to be 
put in an enclosure of some sort and Mini Kits sells a nice enclosure 
that fits nicely and is not expensive. I put mine in Hammond 1590WBBFL 
diecast enclosures.



10 to 18 dB gain (adjustable) 0.8db NF

Mark is great to deal with, shipping is reasonable and quick, and the 
exchange of US$ to AUS$ is attractive.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

On 2016-09-14 19:15, Mark Johns via AMSAT-BB wrote:
> For portable operation the switched ARR pre-amps, as have been mentioned, are a good option. But don't take them out in the rain!
> For weather-proof mast-mounted pre-amps, I've had very good luck with the Mini-2 and Mini-70 GaAsFET pre-amps from SHF-Elektronik in Germany (http://www.shf-elektronik.de/en/). At current exchange rates, these are roughly the same price as the ARR, and considerably cheaper than some other mast-mount alternatives. The IC-9100 powers them through the coax without the need for any other supply.
> I have no affiliation with the company, but they've been working flawlessly for me for a couple of years now at my home station.--
> Mark D. Johns, KØMDJ
> Decorah, Iowa USA  EN43
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