[amsat-bb] Receiving Telemetry from AO-73 with IC-9100

Wills wills at pcward.net
Sun Sep 11 11:22:42 UTC 2016

I am finding it very difficult to successfully receive/decode telemetry from AO-73 and Ukube-1 using an IC-9100 and SatPC32 as compared to receiving same when using an IC-821H.
Are there any hidden/secret settings on the IC-9100 which have to be set to allow successful reception/decode of the telemetry. Should one be trying to receive with the IC-9100 in the Digital mode?
Is there a command which one can enter in the Doppler.sqf file in SatPC32 (like DFM which puts the IC-9100 into Digital FM mode) to put the IC-9100 into the Digital mode for USB reception?
I did try DUSB entered into the Dopple.SQF file of SatPC32, but this did not work.
I have tried several different settings in the menu section of the transceiver, all to no avail.
Using the IC-821H I can receive/decode the telemetry from about 5 degrees elevation (going up) to 3 degrees (going down), but with the IC-9100 I do not start to receive/decode until the satellite is about 25 - 30 degrees elevation (up) and then lose it when the satellite is about 20 degrees elevation (down). Using the same antenna system on both so the antennas can not be having a large effect on the IC-9100. Plus decoding is constantly stopping during the pass, thus missing a large amount of data unlike the IC-821H which hardly ever stops decode during a pass.
Appreciate any suggestion one may be able to provide.


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