[amsat-bb] Neat and Cheap 5769 amplifier

Tony Stone w4tas at gte.net
Sun Sep 11 00:02:04 UTC 2016

I have purchased 4 of these units for experimentation. 
They work very well and are linear at 5760 MHz. 
There is an attenuator in the input line of about 6 db. 
20 mw will get about 0.6 watts out with the attenuator in circuit. 
10 mw will produce about 3 watts output with the attenuator removed. 
Fine for Phase 4 on the uplink with combiners. 
I have two combiners on order and will test two of the ampllifiers 
combined with another ampllifier driving them.  

The SMA connectors are RP units and I changed the connectors 
on mine to regular SMA. 

EBay link is:


Tony Stone
w4tas at gte.net

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