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Ted k7trkradio at charter.net
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Gerald, since you are doing this on budget, do what I have been doing since
the first contact (up through VUCC #226):

Download the free version of HRD. You can run the sat portion without any
cat control or hook up to the radio. You can also update keps. So, fire up
that program with its beautiful graphics and manually aim your Jetstream
along the path. Simple but works

Also, as Bob Bruninga will tell you, set the EL at 15-20 degrees. He has a
website that explains why, but I don't have the link at hand. I will send
you direct some pixs of my Rat Shack and Elk setup.

Good Luck

73, Ted

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73 to ALL,

I am preparing to start the assembly of my "low budget" station and have a
couple of question, please.

My first step will employ an azmuthal only inexpensive rotor (RCA VH22F) and
a terrestrial use linear  dual band antenna (Jetstream JTBM270).  The
antenna has 3 elements for 2m and 5 for 70cm.  I plan to offset the
elevation of the antenna 20-30 degrees in a fixed position, rotatable of
course.  My radio at this time is an IC-2730 dual band which can be used for
the FM birds; I am told.

Having described my "phase one plans", my first question is regarding rotor
control.  Does anyone know of a rotor control for a three wire inexpensive

Regarding the linear antenna, what would the best mounting angle be for
polarization.  Yes, I realize that it would not be optimal mounted vertical
or horizontal.  I assume that a compromise angle might help.

Let me explain that portable handheld operation is not feasible dues to my
age and living circumstances. A fixed station is my only option.  However,
that can be improved if necessary and financially feasible.

Thanks to each and all.


Jerry  AB5R

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