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Scott scott23192 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 20:07:54 UTC 2016

Hi Jerry.

I have a setup  very similar to what you describe and also wanted to be

I can't imagine being more pleased with the solution that is spelled out at
the following link:


... as long as you have a rotator with an IR remote control, the USB IR
device mentioned in the above article works perfectly.

Hope you have as much success  & enjoyment with your setup as I do with

-Scott,  K4KDR
Montpelier, VA  USA


On Sat, Sep 10, 2016 at 3:54 PM, Gerald Payton <gp_ab5r at outlook.com> wrote:

> 73 to ALL,
> I am preparing to start the assembly of my "low budget" station and have a
> couple of question, please.
> My first step will employ an azmuthal only inexpensive rotor (RCA VH22F)
> and a terrestrial use linear  dual band antenna (Jetstream JTBM270).  The
> antenna has 3 elements for 2m and 5 for 70cm.  I plan to offset the
> elevation of the antenna 20-30 degrees in a fixed position, rotatable of
> course.  My radio at this time is an IC-2730 dual band which can be used
> for the FM birds; I am told.
> Having described my "phase one plans", my first question is regarding
> rotor control.  Does anyone know of a rotor control for a three wire
> inexpensive rotator?
> Regarding the linear antenna, what would the best mounting angle be for
> polarization.  Yes, I realize that it would not be optimal mounted vertical
> or horizontal.  I assume that a compromise angle might help.
> Let me explain that portable handheld operation is not feasible dues to my
> age and living circumstances. A fixed station is my only option.  However,
> that can be improved if necessary and financially feasible.
> Thanks to each and all.
> 73,
> Jerry  AB5R

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