[amsat-bb] Best Connectors?

Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL vlfiscus at mcn.net
Wed Sep 7 23:45:30 UTC 2016

At 05:45 PM 9/7/2016 -0400, "Jeff Griffin" <kb2m at arrl.net> wrote:
>  I also now use mostly crimp connections. The tools aren't that expensive, I
>spent under $100. Before I retired one of the last projects I did was do the
>engineering on the 10 year tech refresh for the 20 FAA ARTCC's GPS time
>source. I had to spec a 200 + foot cable run from the antenna on the roof to
>the actual time source unit. I worked with crimp connectors exclusively.
>After I did some crimps, I will never go back to solder. I do find it easier
>to solder the center pin though.
>   On the old N type, I always had issues after awhile with the shield coming
>out on the cable run from the rotor loop to the antenna. If you must solder,
>use the newer type that go together like a PL-259 like Jim suggested. They
>will last much longer ...
>73 Jeff kb2m

I'm finding this an interesting thread.  I've always been partial
to clamp N connectors my self.  When I've needed to replace cable,
I just un-clamp de-solder the center pin and re-use the connector.

I will say over the years, I have had to numerous times re-do the
clamp-ons around the rotor and antennas as they do become loose
and lose shield ground as others here have noted.

I may look into crimp.


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