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Wed Oct 26 23:55:05 UTC 2016



Those who have expressed interest in the ARISS meeting previously have
received the latest ARISS meeting information.  I am including it here for
all on AMSAT-BB because there was a query about it here.


Since BB will not accept attachments, our "near final" draft for our ARISS
meeting in Houston can be downloaded at:



As you review this, I think you can see that we have some really exciting
topics that we will be discussing and working through, as a team.  Most
importantly, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary as a team.  For
those not aware, 20 years ago, in November 1996, an international group
interested in installing and operating a ham radio station on the ISS met at
the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston and, per NASA's direction, formed
an international working group called ARISS.  And the rest is history!!

Because we have so many things to address at our ARISS-I meeting, we have
divided our discussions into 3 primary categories:  1) Hardware Development,
2) Education and 3) Sustainability and Funding.  As you can see in the
agenda, we will be conducting two sessions simultaneously like is done in a
conference. We will also have plenary sessions, where the entire team will
attend, to discuss topics that impact the entire, world-wide team.

If you are still interested in attending the meeting, you are welcome to
come.  Please let me know (directly) of your interest. 

I thank you all for your interest in and support to our magnificent program.
It is amazing what we have accomplished in 20 years!  It will be exciting to
see what we will do in the next 20!!

73,  Frank Bauer KA3HDO

AMSAT V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs

ARISS International Chair

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