[amsat-bb] Outernet L-Band now carries AMSAT and ARISS weeklybulletins

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 25 02:12:53 UTC 2016

> It might be useful to start... each file with the date of publication

I agree.  I guess I can remember to add a date when I manually edit it
down to under 6K as requested by the Outernet Folks.

And the other NEAT application of an OUternet WiFi hotspot at ham events,
such as hamfests, or Public Service events or scouting events or anything
where Ham Radio is helping to provide communications is that this Outernet
WiFi hot spot not only serves all the Outernet (L-Band delivered) files to
everyone in the local WiFi area, but also the local SYSOP can upload his
own files in real time to the server.

Imagine if he maintains the latest Agenda, Schedule, Plans, Reports, Pass
times, Lost-N-found, and any other important real-time files of interest
to anyone in the area with a smart phone or tablet!

Remember, this Outerlink Hotspot and Geostationary satellite feed is just
a stand-alone cigarbox size piece of hardware powered by a small battery.
What could be easier and have so much potential...

See http://aprs.org/outnet-ariss.html


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So cool to see this type of info delivered via geosynchronous satellite!

ANS-297   http://amsat.org

VHF Handheld Radio on ISS Failed, ARISS Contacts Moved to Kenwood Radio

~~~ {other articles follow} ~~~

It might be useful to start the body of each file with the date of
publication.  A viewer might come across this content some days after it
was originally uploaded.

Looks great!

-Scott,  K4KDR


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Subject: [amsat-bb] Outernet L-Band now carries AMSAT and ARISS

The Outernet L-band feed is now carrying a condensed version of the AMSAT
and ARISS weekly news files.  (Global Geosat coverage except for Northern

Receivers are simple:  http://aprs.org/outnet.html

For ARISS, I manually added a 2 char grid square to each school listed in
the school schedule and am asking the outernet folks to parse out that
location info and plot a 1200 km footprint on their weather globe showing
where people can tune in the ARISS contacts.  Then their RTL-SDR dongle
could then actually be retuned to hear the contact.  Just an idea...


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>> I hope someday a service like this will be available  from an AMSAT
>> geostationary service.

> I'm pretty confident that the guys at AMSAT-DL are capable  of doing
> this much better on the upcoming EsHail'2 than what Outernet is
> currently doing on Inmarsat...

> They already have in mind a "DVB-S beacon"...  broadcast from the
> ground station at Qatar ... carrying videos about Ham radio and Ham
> radio events on this signal.

> What is more, if you have equipment to operate EsHail'2 on SSB, it's
> more or less easy to use either the narrowband transponder or the
> wideband transponder to transmit an Outernet-type signal through
> EsHail'2, so anyone can have a go with this.

> Outernet uses 4200baud BPSK and half of the bitrate is spent for FEC.
> You can use a bit less bitrate to get a signal that will even pass
> through a conventional 2.7kHz SSB filter and you can use less bits for
> FEC to get increased data throughput (but more SNR required).

> Dani EA4GPZ

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