[amsat-bb] Solar Ham Radio Interference

kevin schuchmann wa6fwf at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 17:07:46 UTC 2016

Another one of the reasons I left my old QTH was all the homes around me 
had solar with many different styles and HF RFI during the day was awful 
but I had no switch to shut them up.


On 10/23/2016 9:54 AM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Not Satellite related, but people often ask about any RFI from my solar
> arrays at home.  Interest stems from an RFI issue in April QST and my letter
> in Sept 2016 QST.
> Well, FINALLY, the jury is in.  For the first time since installing solar, I
> finally got all my full-sized dipoles up in the air again. And listened with
> the arrays on and off.
> Yes, I have inverter noise about 12 dB above the noise floor every 38 kHz on
> 80 meters,. But couldn't really find anything on 20 meters.  I did not do a
> thorough search, but enough to finally say, "yes, there is some noise..."
> I post this because my 16kw of arrays are conventional series string arrays
> and much quieter than the  "optimizers" on every panel all over the roof
> noted in the April QST article.  I always thought my string array was quiet,
> but now I have some data noted above.  This could easily be fixed with some
> clamp-on ferrites down in the basement on the wires going into the
> inverters...
> But for my rare HF operating, the solar AC disconnect switch is about 3 feet
> from the kitchen door.  Easy enough to pull if I want HF silence.  I could
> also install a 40 amp disconnect relay from a switch in the shack...  But
> with my rare operating style, I'll probably do nothing.  Of course it is
> perfectly quiet at night ;-)
> It took me 6 years to get around to this test, so don't hold your breath
> waiting for me to add some clamp-on filters to the inverter wires and see
> what that does.
> For those into solar, come join us on SolarDIY at yahoogroups.com
> Bob, WB4APR
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