[amsat-bb] Software Problems

w4upd w4upd at cfl.rr.com
Sun Oct 23 15:38:59 UTC 2016

I run most of those programs without any problems. I even run old 
Instantrak under DosBox, and WISP32. This all runs on a 64-bit Laptop 
Windows 10 system. SatPC32 needs to have the correct coordinates put in. 
You have to make sure that the longitude and latitude are the correct 
polarity as well. On WISP32 I merely have to make sure they are 
west/east or north/south.

I would definitely check your system time and date as well as QTH 
settings. Insure the time displayed is correct based on your settings in 
regards to local or UTC. I find that all of my programs come within 
seconds are less of each other for tracking.

Reid. W4UPD

On 10/23/2016 10:55 AM, Joe wrote:
> I am really excited about getting back on the Birds after a 40+ year 
> absence.
> I've done EME, MS, AU, and all sorts of weak signal stuff on 144Mhz.
> I've played the DX and contesting on HF.
> All has been fun, but none except for the EME has given the most 
> happiness than the memories of playing with the birds in the late 70's
> Now let me know, I can take this off list if members here want me to, 
> But This excitement is quickly turning into disgust. To the point I'm 
> just about to say screw it and forget about Sat work again.
> I am in the need of help with prediction programs.
> Man in the late 70's it was the ARRL bulletin with keps etc. and a 
> Oscar Locator.
> Now we got ultra cool software programs that all are incredible! 
> Except for me, I can not trust ANY of them.  I have been testing 
> several to see what I will make my primary program. BUT...... and 
> there always is a "BUT" isn't there? I can not say what one to "Trust"
> The four I have installed are...
> SatLookDown1_28
> HRDSatTrack
> Orbitron
> SatPC32
> Now of course they all use the same computer clock. And it is accurate 
> to less than a tenth of a second.
> Each one periodically ask to Up-Date the TLE's and I say "YES" and let 
> them do it all on their own. I change NOTHING on where they get their 
> data.
> The run them.
> The,
> SatLookDown1_28 & HRDSatTrack, both agree very closely. Almost to the 
> second.
> But the Orbitron, is off, WAY off. like 15 minutes off.
> And the SatPC32 is even worse the sat is like 1/2 an orbit off!
> Now the ones that agree also match the page
> http://www.amsat.org.ar/pass.htm#
> So my guess they are the ones showing correct data.
> Now what to do about the other two. How can I make them show correct 
> passes?
> Remember I can take this off list if no one wants to read about this...
> Just let me know,
> Joe WB9SBD

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