[amsat-bb] SatPC32 bug

Michael Hatzakis lists at hatzakis.net
Sun Oct 16 18:40:07 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I posted this with screen shots and perhaps it was rejected because of that,
so will try posting with plain text only:

I've been off the air for some years and am trying to slowly bring myself
back.  I since upgraded my old shack PC from WinXP to Win 7 and most of my
programs work, but I had to replace ARSWIN with ARSVCOM (I am using Pablo's
EA4TX ARS RCI-SE LPT board with my Yaesu AZ-ELE rotor)

I installed the newest version of ARSVCOM and it works great controlling my
RCI-SE board with a new SIIG LPT board.   I also re-installed SatPC32 and it
works fine too.

ARSVCOM creates a virtual port and it appears properly in the device

I read the following FAQ:


And ran the SDX program for SatPC32 and configured the SDX utility it to
COM9.   And when I run "Read Pos", it reads the proper position from the ARS
RCI board.  In SatPC32, I configured the Setup -> Rotor Setup to
Yaesu_GS-232 and "search" for ARSVCOM so it starts on SatPC32 startup and
stored the configs and restarted.

But SatPC32 still does not talk to ARSVCOM when I hit R+ or when I manually
park or position, it does not send the command to ARS board, any ideas what
could be wrong?

Michael  K3MH

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