[amsat-bb] Outernet L-Band Service

Scott scott23192 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 03:11:55 UTC 2016

Mike, my SNR values are not very representative of what someone might see 
because I have partial tree cover in that direction.

But generally speaking, my SNR's have been as follows:

> patch antenna:  2's with an occasional 3

> TP-link 2.4GHz wi-fi dish:  6 to 8

> 1m dish w/ helical feed:  11 to 12

I'm using the Outernet LNA as well.  FYI, my signal improved dramatically 
when I switched from the Outernet dongle to a metal-case rtl-sdr.com TXCO 
dongle (please note that the bias-T will have to be enabled if you try one 
of those).

-Scott,  K4KDR


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I purchased the setup from Amazon and used the Raspberry Pi 3 board.
Its only been running for about a day and its downloaded some of the WX
info, APRS Lists, Pics, News. and Wiki lists. I am looking for a more
enclosure for outdoors.

Its setup on a shelf about a foot in front of the window with Vertical
blinds closed and plastic window screen on the outside and it manages to
get enough of a signal to download the packets.

I do see a problem once my computer and monitor are powered up and possibly
with the TV as well. I am powering it from the Raspberry PI wall wart for
now but
after a few days I want to try out my portable power pack and outdoor

The patch antenna is mounted on a plastic sheet with the L-Band Amp, SDR
dongle, and Pi-3 on the other side. I have a tablet stand from the 99 cent
to tilt and aim the board for now.

I was wondering what other users are seeing signal wise from their setup.
Mine shows
a SNR of only 2.8 and signal quality of around 3 to 4 on their setup screen
but appears
to do the job.



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