[amsat-bb] New Outernet L-Band service...

Alan wa4sca at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 17:26:52 UTC 2016


A couple of hours later, and I also have weather, some basic news, pictures, etc.  Reminds me of the
KO-23 pacsat days.  Easy to check from my computer, but also my phone.  Next step is to come up with a
better and more waterproof mount than the two old textbooks I used.

Scott's collection is good.  The basic information is there on the Outernet site, but badly scattered.



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<> I Have the plug and play system up and running.
<> Pointing is very uncritical, and the 46 degree elevation nicely clears
<the trees.
<> After 3 hours, the only download is some APRS traffic.  ;)
<I was ready to buy the stuff and got too confused.  So Scott, K4KDR wrote
<this nice summary:
<I have a link to it on the APRS OUTNET page:
<BIG PICTURE:  The bottom line is you build one of these boxes, take it
<anywhere in the world, and it receives the Outernlink downlink and creates
<a WiFi hot spot that any surrounding users in WiFi range can then access
<the downloaded files.  In addition to Weather for example are the hourly
<APRS files showing all the Amateur Radio Satellite APRS downlink data.
<And/or any APRS traffic that contains the word OUTNET in it.  So anyone
<can send messages anywhere in the world to such users.  Then they can use
<APRS on HF  or satellites  or whatever to reply back.  Thus, a possible
<2-way emergency response system.
<Bob, WB4APR
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