[amsat-bb] New Outernet L-Band service...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 14 16:28:01 UTC 2016

From: Alan WA4SCA
> I Have the plug and play system up and running.
> Pointing is very uncritical, and the 46 degree elevation nicely clears
the trees.
> After 3 hours, the only download is some APRS traffic.  ;)

I was ready to buy the stuff and got too confused.  So Scott, K4KDR wrote
this nice summary:

I have a link to it on the APRS OUTNET page:

BIG PICTURE:  The bottom line is you build one of these boxes, take it
anywhere in the world, and it receives the Outernlink downlink and creates
a WiFi hot spot that any surrounding users in WiFi range can then access
the downloaded files.  In addition to Weather for example are the hourly
APRS files showing all the Amateur Radio Satellite APRS downlink data.

And/or any APRS traffic that contains the word OUTNET in it.  So anyone
can send messages anywhere in the world to such users.  Then they can use
APRS on HF  or satellites  or whatever to reply back.  Thus, a possible
2-way emergency response system.


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