[amsat-bb] C6AQD/MM now QRT

Lee Ernstrom lee.ernstrom at rcwilley.com
Sun Oct 9 12:52:25 UTC 2016

GM sat ops,

I am now home in Utah and have just finished uploading all of my satellite
QSOs to LoTW.  If you use LoTW, and I hope you do, please remember that
even though I signed C6AQD/MM on the air my uploads do not include the /MM.

Many of you were probably wondering why I was a no show on some of juicy
passes I was in.  For instance, on the 0122 to 0145 UTC pass of SO-50 when
I was in FN73 on October 3rd I thought I could operate from my deck, but
then I realized that the pass started on the other side of the ship and
behind me, so on that pass I only worked KB1RVT and KC1EXK.  On the next
pass from 0303 to 0315 UTC, however, I went topside and was able to work
ten stations from FN73.

Since this was a cruise that included my XYL and another couple the
prearranged plans we had made it so that I missed operating from FN63 on
10/05/16 for the 0148 to 0201 UTC pass of SO-50.

I was hoping to work FN51 and thought for sure it was going to happen
because near the top third of the grid we were traveling at only 8 knots
but by the time the sat passed over I noticed we had sped up considerably
to 22 knots and were in FN50.  Not only was that a disappointment for
missing FN51 but my receiver went deaf and on the 1628 to 1640 UTC pass of
SO-50 on 10/06/16 I only worked one station, KB1RVT, and he was very weak.
On the next pass, 1808 to 1821 UTC, we were in FN60 and I heard absolutely
nothing from the sat.  That's when I concluded that I must have an open or
a shorted coax cable.

As a reminder, please upload my call as C6AQD without the /MM.  Also, If
you have already uploaded our QSO and LOTW doesn't show the contact
credited to you then let me know via this email address
lee.ernstrom at rcwilley.com and I will recheck my upload to make sure we

For those of you who don't use LOTW and would like a paper QSL send me an
email and I will get you one.  No need for your card nor SASE, just send an
email request.

I made 50 contacts on this cruise from these grids: FN50, FN52, FN61, FN72,
FN73 and FN84.  I hope I made some of you happy :)


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