[amsat-bb] Global Geo SATCOM system?

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Fri Oct 7 15:45:29 UTC 2016

After Bob posted the info and links to Outernet I looked over the 
equipment and the satellite footprints.  Not clear to me if there 
would be any reception at my latitude and longitude (60.688N, 151.331W).

 From years past I recall how few ISS passes came above the southern 
horizon far enough to any chance of contacts (max elev is 11-degrees 
for about 12-min long pass).  And ISS is in Leo orbit so its 
constantly changing.  A geo sat is fixed so you get - what you get 
(if it is too far east or west of me that is "nothing").  Highest 
elev angle for Geo-sat orbit is 21 degrees looking due south.  Trees 
(solid forest) set lower elev limit at about 9-degrees in all directions.

I used a 33-inch offset feed dish on AO-40 so that is available to 
put up with suitable feed.  The 8-dBi patch may have too wide a beam 
pattern for use with such a dish.  I wondered if using a cylindrical 
short cavity with the patch might increase gain and narrow the beam 
adequately?  For 2.4G I used a six turn helical feed (RHCP).

Good info on the rtl-sdr.  I gave one to my step-son which we were 
unable to get good performance on VHF so maybe he would send it back 
to me.  I sent him a used RS HF receiver which is what he 
wanted.  Pretty sure the rtl-sdr is not in use (he was using Mac-OS 
which further complicated and frustrated getting sw running); I have win-XP32.

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