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The IARU Monitoring System:


has been called upon to help with interference to our satellites
in the past. Instances of interference to AO-27 over North America
in the late 1990s and early 2000s came many times from Mexico.
For those instances, it took complaints by hams to the FMRE
(Mexico's IARU society), the Mexican regulator at the time
and the IARU Monitoring System to finally get the offenders
moved off the AO-27 uplink. One mention of this was in the AMSAT-BB
archives from 2000:


Just be realistic about how quickly the relevant authorities react
to complaints. It certainly didn't happen overnight down in Mexico
many years ago.


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On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 6:17 PM, Zach Leffke <zleffke at vt.edu> wrote:

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> My question for the group is this:  Would a database of these interference
> events be something worth taking to say the IARU?  If we keep this project
> going and a few other things we are working on come together, it is my
> longer term goal is to take frequent recordings of these events and build
> up a database with records of who was transmitting, what language, what
> frequency, what mode, and what country (maybe even city?) they were
> transmitting from. After we build up a good data set, we could then go to
> the legal bodies in those countries (or the IARU?) and hopefully have them
> lean on the illegal ops to cease transmission or at least change frequency
> out of the satellite bands.
> I won't hold my breath about the various bureaucracies of the world
> actually taking action against the illegal transmitters, but it couldn't
> hurt to try right?  And it would be good to at least document the prolific
> nature of the problem.  For the mean time though, its an interesting
> phenomenon and makes for a potentially good class project.
> -Zach, KJ4QLP
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