[amsat-bb] FO-29 QRM

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 24 17:37:20 UTC 2016

Thanks Dave,

I'll have to relisten, I had the KM4 call with an F added on the end.

73, Drew

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Here's my analysis:

-------------------- Audio File Translation ------------------

---- English Language Transmission ----

" ... that's a good boy ... good by calley on it ... it would ... 
there's too much whining and vox control and {expletive deleted} have to get
under it and thats whine ... ah we get by with it .. we can get the weather
on it this week ... you know it's copying and {expletive deleted} weekend
... oh lash ..."

---- Spanish Language Transmission ----

" ... y saludos copia cento percento mi faulta commentario KM4MD escuchaio
cento percento y otro mentes el lunico KM4MD over, y yo lo creo que tal ...

Spanish to English Translation - Literal-Colloquial:

" ... And Hello to you, 100% copy but my fault, [missed your comments]
comments? KM4MD, over, and yes, that's the truth!  What's going on [today]??
... "

--------------------- End of Analysis ----------------------

Hope this helps, BTW I am an old SIGINTer, both Voice, non-Morse, and Morse
Interception.  FWIW, this was pretty rough copy for FM.  I used an audio
processing system on my Linux workstation called "Sox" with various
plug-ins.  Not like the olden days with an R-390 or the CEI-2000 listening
to Soviet Cosmonauts.


Dave N4CVX

On 07/24/2016 11:31 AM, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:
> 6-08-15.mp3?dl=0

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