[amsat-bb] Trip to EN24 and EN25

Rolf Krogstad rolf.krogstad at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 23:39:10 UTC 2016

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs on my trip to EN24 and EN25 today.
I was the operator and my wife (OA4ABC) was the human antenna rotator.

Things did not go quite as expected.  Severe weather delayed the start of
our operating by about 30 minutes or so.  But once we got going from EN24
we did work 5 stations on AO-73 (1558z), 14 on FO-29 (1655z), 7 on SO-50
(1708z) and 1 on UKUBE-1(1742z).

EN25 was an after-thought as we had just about enough time to get there
before a 32 degree pass of FO-29.  It was raining pretty hard at the start
of the 1849z pass, but the rain stopped and I put up the antenna and
managed 6 Qs from EN25 before the heavens opened up at which time I took
down the antenna and shut down the radios.

I have uploaded all the Qs to LOTW.  If you do not find a match for our
QSO, send me an email.  I transcribed the log after getting home and I may
have fumble fingered something.

I set up a table in the back seat of my  Rav4 and put my two FT-897Ds there
and set up my Arrow antenna on a heavy duty camera tripod outside the car.
I also had an Amsat Preamp on the receive antenna.  The antenna rotator
would do her job and adjust the azimuth two or three times on a pass.  So
with no elevation correction it wasn't ideal, but it meant that we
basically kept dry inside the car.  A total of 33 contacts were made.

The trip home was the worst rain driving I have ever experienced.  We
stopped repeatedly because the visibility was reduced to zero.
A great time was had by all (er..... 'both', to be more exact) and we hope
to do it again from EN23 before too long.

Rolf  NR0T   and
Taty OA4ABC (antenna rotator)

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