[amsat-bb] Spectacular views: Dragon and ISS clearly visible over The Netherlands !

PA3GUO pa3guo at upcmail.nl
Wed Jul 20 18:26:25 UTC 2016

Hi John,

Also in the past my ISS photo's (with longer exposure, few seconds) had the same.
I expect a ---- but I get a  `----.
Not a straight line, but at the start a curly curve.
It is on all pictures.
I expected it to be related to movement of the camera, eg the pressing of the button.
But why does the ISS stripe have it, and none of the stars?

Yesterday I took all pictures with an IR remote. Effect is still there.
Maybe the flipping of the mirror internally, but then again, why not the stars?
Maybe because ISS is that bright ?

Frank answer: no clue.
Anyone ?


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Van: John Brier [mailto:johnbrier at gmail.com] 
Verzonden: woensdag 20 juli 2016 19:42
Onderwerp: Re: [amsat-bb] Spectacular views: Dragon and ISS clearly visible over The Netherlands !

Congratulations. That is really cool.

I see the Dragon streak far behind the ISS, but what is the dot/star
looking thing right behind the ISS?

On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 12:42 PM, PA3GUO <pa3guo at upcmail.nl> wrote:
> Last 2 nights both the ISS and SpaceX's Dragon cargo capsule were
> clearly visible over my location (Waalre, The Netherlands).
> I got great help of two friends setting up the camera & tracking the
> spaceships.
> In the night of July 19th they were still separated 4 minutes. ISS
> already passed when Dragon showed up.
> However, in the night (early morning 03:35 local time...) of July 20th
> they were separated only 15 seconds / 115km.
> One really sees the two 'following' (trailing) each other (ISS is
> followed by Dragon).
> We had a bit of a challenge with the full moon.
> Fortunately, the basketball field helped out a bit as you can see on
> this picture: http://www.pa3guo.com/DSC_7644.JPG
> ISS is the bright stripe, the more dimmed stripe (below) is Dragon.
> Exposure (lens open): 10 seconds. ISS was approaching.
> Subsequent pictures are here:
> http://www.pa3guo.com/DSC_7645.JPG
> http://www.pa3guo.com/DSC_7646.JPG
> http://www.pa3guo.com/DSC_7647.JPG
> http://www.pa3guo.com/DSC_7648.JPG (here you see Dragon best)
> http://www.pa3guo.com/DSC_7649.JPG
> Then my two friends noticed during the final period of the pass that
> the Pleiades ("Seven Sisters") were accompanying them:
> http://www.pa3guo.com/iss_dragon_waalre_20jul2016.jpg
> Well, I finally saw a cargo ship and the ISS passing by together, it
> was truly a spectacular view !!
> Best regards,
> Henk - PA3GUO
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