[amsat-bb] Spectacular views: Dragon and ISS clearly visible over The Netherlands !

PA3GUO pa3guo at upcmail.nl
Wed Jul 20 16:42:28 UTC 2016

Last 2 nights both the ISS and SpaceX's Dragon cargo capsule were
clearly visible over my location (Waalre, The Netherlands).

I got great help of two friends setting up the camera & tracking the

In the night of July 19th they were still separated 4 minutes. ISS
already passed when Dragon showed up. 

However, in the night (early morning 03:35 local time...) of July 20th
they were separated only 15 seconds / 115km.

One really sees the two 'following' (trailing) each other (ISS is
followed by Dragon).

We had a bit of a challenge with the full moon.
Fortunately, the basketball field helped out a bit as you can see on
this picture: http://www.pa3guo.com/DSC_7644.JPG
ISS is the bright stripe, the more dimmed stripe (below) is Dragon.
Exposure (lens open): 10 seconds. ISS was approaching.

Subsequent pictures are here:
http://www.pa3guo.com/DSC_7648.JPG (here you see Dragon best)

Then my two friends noticed during the final period of the pass that
the Pleiades ("Seven Sisters") were accompanying them: 

Well, I finally saw a cargo ship and the ISS passing by together, it
was truly a spectacular view !!

Best regards,
Henk - PA3GUO

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