[amsat-bb] SatPc32 phantom satellites

Jim White jim at coloradosatellite.com
Sun Jul 17 21:38:53 UTC 2016

When I switch to a satellite in a different keps list and select just 
one sat to be visible and be the active satellite one or more sats from 
the previous list continue to show up in the display.  I have to select 
the new sat twice before the old ones disappear.

I had 6 sats in the display from the 'amateur' list.
Using the satellites menu I switched to the 'cubesat' list, selected 
just one sat, made it visible and made it the active sat.
Clicked OK and one of the sats from the 'amateur' list continues to be 
visible in the display along with the cubesat I just selected.
Back into the satellites menu and my selection of the cubesat list and 
the one cubesat has disappeared.  Selected the cubesat list and the one 
satellite again, back into display and the one from the amateur list is 
still visible along with the cubesat.
Into the satellites menu and now cubesat is selected and my one cubesast 
is shown in the selected box, and when I OK that back to the display the 
phantom one from the amateur list is finally gone.

How can get the program to take the changes I make to what is displayed 
and tracked the first time?

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