[amsat-bb] Yaesu G-5500 Rotor Control

Bill Booth ve3nxk at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 11:48:18 UTC 2016

On 2016-07-12 4:37 AM, Edward R Cole wrote:
> The LVB tracker just plugs into my B5400 and connects to my computer via a
> USB/RS-232 conversion cable.  Sits very nicely on top of my B5400 control box.
> Its plug-n-play with SatPC32.

Well I wish my experience was better.  First problem was I thought the interface 
was USB as the AMSAT wording indicated, but only if you purchased a USB/serial 
cable.....so it is still really serial.

I wanted it to work with NOVA as I have done for years with another parallel unit. 
  And while it does work kinda, I had to shelve the device and go back to the 
parallel unit.  I found the unit not to be linear over the entire compass range. 
Readings in the NOVA program were way off.  Stupid part is that when you did it 
manually the unit shows the right stuff.

In discussions with others and the list, the standard comment was use SATPC32 
software.  I just did not have the time yet to learn another bit of software...W10 
was enough for this year.

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