[amsat-bb] Satellite Mobile Ops (EV)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 11 17:27:42 UTC 2016

If you want a week of portable battery satellite OPS, don’t overlook an
Electric Vehicle (EV) with a 16kWh battery pack.

With over 40 new full size EV’s now on the market from almost every car
MFR, and 6 years now of used ones, you can get a huge battery with car
attached for under $6k.

I just counted ten EV’s for $9k or less and another 15 for under $15k on
http://autotrader.com  within 200 miles of my zip code.  Do a search for
“fuel type – electric” to find them.  I saw lots of LEAFs, some VOLTS, and
several iMiEV’s and Smarts-4-2.  Bob, WB4APR

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