[amsat-bb] New member with much to learn.

Roger ai7rogerroger at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 16:49:51 UTC 2016

Hello to all, name here is Roger.

I'm new to the BB with much to learn and often times many questions. I'm
near retirement and continuing to assemble my station / shack, as I attempt
to dabble in nearly every aspect of amateur radio on a shoestring budget,
and so, at present, it's satellites. I'm fascinated with Rx more than Tx
though I have the capability.

I've put together an array of homebrew optimized 2m 6el and 70cm 5el (soon
to be 12el) xpol yagis with tracking. I'm using the digital modded Orbit360
rotors with InstantTrack software. Also using SatPC32 for Cat control and
Spectrum Lab to see what I can't otherwise hear.

I'd really like to eliminate InstantTrack if I could find a software
solution to drive the Obit360's using SatPC32 without building an
additional interface. I am not a programmer by any means but I'm not
computer illiterate either.

One of the first questions I have has to do with antenna polarity. I
designed my yagi's for what should be circular polarization, but I read a
lot about polarity switches or relays, and then there's RH and LH
circularity. It gets a bit confusing. Can someone either explain or point
me to a good reference to help in my understanding of this? I want to make
the best of what I have or make the changes necessary to do so.

Thanks for your time and the BB.

73, Roger

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