[amsat-bb] FCC License Question

Thomas Doyle tomdoyle1948 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 14:39:32 UTC 2016

Has anyone renewed their ham license recently. I renewed mine online and it
appeared to work.

I received two very official looking letters from the FCC within a week of
submitting the application.

First one was "Ref: CORES Registration Update".

Second one was "Ref: PSQ Request for your CORES FRN:xxxxxxxxx". This letter
"Entity Type: INDIVIDUAL ENTITY" which is reassuring.

Neither letter indicates anything is wrong nor does it mention anything
about a license. I realize that the federal government is drowning in the
paper work mess they have created to give them something to do but this is
a bit much.

Do they ever send you an actual paper license ? I need to send a copy to
the DMV to renew my ham plates. It has been almost 4 weeks. I sent in a
request for duplicate license after three weeks.

TNX W9KE Tom Doyle

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