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skristof at etczone.com skristof at etczone.com
Mon Jul 4 21:11:49 UTC 2016

Nice spreadsheet and I'd like to save a copy. 

Confession of ignorance: How do I save it as an Excel spreadsheet (or
convert it and then save it, or ???) 

Steve AI9IN

On 2016-07-04 15:59, Peter Laws wrote:

> I thought AMSAT was moving away from Modes A, B, J, etc, but they seem
> too entrenched and still appear in current pubs.  Regardless, the band
> designations, loosely based on microwave band designators (later
> "codified" by IEEE), were for whatever reason interesting to me so I
> made a chart.  It started out as just the microwaves ... then I added
> the satellite stuff ... then I added the stuff that is microwave, but
> non-amateur/non-satellite but in the same neighborhood.
> It's mostly microwave-centric but I put all the FCC bands designated
> for space station use in there, too, and as some of you know, that
> goes down as low as 40 m (which is *not* microwave :-) ).
> Anyway, the only "name space collision" between AMSAT designators and
> IEEE designators is the AMSAT R band (47000 - 47200 MHz), which is
> part of the IEEE V band (40000 - 75000 MHz).  That happens because
> AMSAT's V band is 144 - 146 MHz.
> The only other anomaly is that we amateurs have two allocations within
> the what the IEEE calls the S-band (2000 - 4000 MHz), which are 2400 -
> 2450 MHz (13 cm) and 3400 - 3410 MHz (9 cm) -- both ham bands are
> wider but these are the FCC space station allocations.  I've seen the
> amateur allocation at 9 cm referred to as "S2" but I don't know how
> official that is.
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oJV0Bv24mHhq_eICUp3L6g4pTy-wItUWfkyT-Uf5z0g/edit?usp=sharing
> Anyway, I keep stumbling on allocations that seem relevant so I keep
> adding them.  I need to add the historical notes, too, like where the
> K and X letters came from as well as the
> "hopefully-but-not-quite-yet-obsolete" satellite mode designators.
> Some of that info is linked to the page.
> Looking forward to the Mode CX satellites ...

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