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George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
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Sorry, no way will I support a SETI-type mission using amateur frequencies 
for their downlink.  Not with my money, nor with my station resources.  This 
clearly belongs on commercial frequencies.

George, KA3HSW

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> ANS-031
> UFO Researcher To Launch CubeSat To Search For E.T. Close To Home
> Cote hopes to use amateur radio frequencies to transmit the data
> back to earth and a worldwide network of ham volunteers to receive it.
> “We are planning to use the ham frequencies to send data down from
> the CubeSat to earth in hex or datafax protocol,” says Cote. “From
> what we understand, we should be able to send a 100kB packet every
> few minutes and this will enable us to send image thumbnails from
> space, along with some basic EM data.”
> While the details of the transmissions have yet to be determined,
> Cote hopes to assemble a worldwide team of hams willing to receive
> and log whatever data the satellite captures.
> “We need help from the ham community, in capturing the data and
> relaying it to our site,” he says. “There will be a 15-minute window
> for download from the CubeSat, and then another volunteer would be
> needed for the next 15-minute time window.”
> Cote is cautiously optimistic that the satellite will provide
> corroboration of UFO reports from eyewitnesses on Earth. But even if
> the satellite doesn’t capture evidence of faraway visitors, he’s
> hopeful that it will record interesting natural phenomenon like
> meteors and solar flares.
> “We can only hope that those who would like to know the truth will
> step forward and help,” he says.
> To learn more about the project or to volunteer, visit their
> KickStarter page.
> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1889966504/cubesat-for-disclosure
> [ANS thanks Matt W1MST and AmateurRadio.com for the above information]

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