[amsat-bb] KG5CCI/P 1/27/2016 & 2/1/2016 thru 2/4/2016

Dave Swanson dave at druidnetworks.com
Mon Jan 25 23:02:25 UTC 2016

Satellite Friends and Colleagues,

I've got some travel coming up in the following weeks, and wanted to 
make the community aware of my plans for /P operating.

On January 27th, 2016 I will be in Jonesboro, AR which will place me in 
the vicinity of the EM45/EM55/EM46/EM56 confluence. I'll have some free 
time between 1700UTC and 2100UTC, and plan to operate from one or more 
of those grids during that window. As EM46/EM56 are the more rarely 
heard of that group, I plan to focus on them. There are several 
FO29/AO7/AO85 passes in my free window, so be prepared for all mode 

Following that trip on February 1st, 2016 I will be traveling to the 
EM03 area for several days. I will be passing thru EM23/EM14/EM13/EM04 
during my travels to and from, and will try to at least hit a few of 
those grids during the drive out and back. Tentative plans are to return 
on February 4th, but I may have to stay longer depending on workload in 
the area. Travel to and from will be primary satellite operating time, 
with some individual passes from EM03 in the evenings from the site. I 
haven't calculated out specific passes yet, as exact locations and times 
will be fluid, but like normal I will be QRV on all birds and all modes.

Like always, follow me on Twitter @KG5CCI for up to the second /P pass 


-Dave, KG5CCI

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