[amsat-bb] AggieSat4 beacon info

Norm n3ykf normanlizeth at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 03:21:22 UTC 2016

Not much on the web as I suppose this crew is busy with other things.
Dropped them a line. Kind enough to have a fellow pass on beacon
freq's, modes and structure of the telemetry packet.

Says will check on the 1200 baud modem on 125.43.

AGS4 Beacon Bit Order,,,
Name,# of bits,Type,Value
Payload Length,8,unsigned char,
Packet ID,8,unsigned char,0x09
Unused,16,unsigned short,
Battery Pack 1 Voltage,8,unsigned short,
Battery Pack 2 Voltage,8,unsigned short,
Battery Pack 1 Status,8,unsigned short,
Battery Pack 2 Status,8,unsigned short,
Solar Panel 1 Current,8,unsigned short,
Solar Panel 2 Current,8,unsigned short,
Solar Panel 3 Current,8,unsigned short,
Solar Panel 4 Current,8,unsigned short,
Solar Panel 5 Current,8,unsigned short,
Solar Panel 6 Current,8,unsigned short,
Acceleration X,32,float,
Acceleration Y,32,float,
Acceleration Z,32,float,
Quaternion 1,32,float,
Quaternion 2,32,float,
Quaternion 3,32,float,
Quaternion 4,32,float,
Magnetic Field Strength X,32,float,
Magnetic Field Strength Y,32,float,
Magnetic Field Strength Z,32,float,
Angular Velocity X,32,float,
Angular Velocity Y,32,float,
Angular Velocity Z,32,float,
Torque Coil Current X-axis,32,float,
Torque Coil Current Y-axis,32,float,
Torque Coil Current Z-axis,32,float,
Torque Coil Temperature X-axis,32,float,
Torque Coil Temperature Y-axis,32,float,
Torque Coil Temperature Z-axis,32,float,
Reaction Wheel X Status,1,bool,
Reaction Wheel Y Status,1,bool,
Reaction Wheel Z Status,1,bool,
Torque Coil X Status,1,bool,
Torque Coil Y Status,1,bool,
Torque Coil Z Status,1,bool,
HDR (436.25),1,bool,
LDR 1200 (125.43 MHz),1,bool,
LDR 9600 (436.25 MHz),1,bool,
Camera Status,1,bool,
Sun Sensor Interface Board Status,1,bool,
VN-100 Status,1,bool,
GPS Board Status,1,bool,
CRC,16,2 byte-CRC,

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