[amsat-bb] Weather sats

skristof at etczone.com skristof at etczone.com
Tue Jan 12 23:04:39 UTC 2016


A little off topic for this forum, but we've been here before. 

I've been using WxtoImg software to decode images from the NOAA
satellites. It works pretty well, but the radio I'm using is an old 

2 m mobile rig. From what I've read on the WxtoImg website, I might get
better images if I get the software upgrade. But, I cannot, for the life
of me, find how to get the upgrade. A link is provided in the program
and on the website, but, when I use the link, there is nothing on that
page that says anything about an upgrade. 

I also cannot find anywhere on the website the name of the author or an
email address with which to contact him or her. 

If you have upgraded your WxtoImg software, can you please tell how you
did it? 

Thank you! 

Steve AI9IN 


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