[amsat-bb] tripod recommendations

Tom Schuessler tjschuessler at verizon.net
Tue Jan 12 16:29:16 UTC 2016


Any good sturdy tripod will do.  The trick however is to get the arrow to
stay put when you tilt to the side to allow for polarity change.  Since
there is only one mounting hole in the Arrow that is threaded to mate with
the screw camera mount screw thread that attaches cameras to the usually
removable camera plate.  Since the antenna is long with a far from the mount
center of gravity, if you tilt the mount head over on it's side, the antenna
will invariably slide downward which is not desirable.  I can send a picture
of what I had done to my tripod camera plate to make this not happen.
Basically you take a small metal angled piece, like maybe equipment rack
ears, preferably with some screw holes already in it, and position it on the
camera mount plate such that the plate will rest snug to the boom of the
arrow when screwed into the mount.  Mark the holes and then drill through
the mount.  Attach nuts and bolts through and under the plate to secure this
piece of metal.  When done, and if positioned right, the boom will not move
a bit when the camera plate is tilted to the side.

Tom Schuessler


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I'm wondering if anyone can give me the name/model of the tripod they are
successfully using with their Arrow antenna? ?I would like to get back into
the satellite world but need a tripod due to shoulder issues. ?I've ordered
2 from Amazon and neither has been able to hold the weight of the Arrow. ?
After several days of searching through the house for my old tripod my wife
finally admitted selling it at a yardsale :-( Thanks for any
recommendations, Zach N4ERZ?


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